Thierry Baudet

Thierry Henri Philippe Baudet (born 28 January 1983) is a Dutch politician, academic and author. He is the founder and leader of Forum for Democracy (FVD), and has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2017. He also serves as the party’s parliamentary leader.


Baudet was born in Heemstede into a family of partial Walloon ancestry. His forefather Pierre Joseph Baudet immigrated to the Batavian Republic in 1795 when his home in Hainaut was annexed by the French Republic, fleeing from conscription into the French Army. Baudet’s great-great-grandmother Ernestine van Heemskerck was born in the Dutch East Indies and was of partly Indonesian parentage. Baudet attended the Haarlem gymnasium, i.e. a high school with compulsory Latin and Ancient Greek. His first degree, from the University of Amsterdam, was in history, and from 2007 to 2012 he was a lecturer at Leiden University, where in 2012 he graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy with a thesis on national identity, European identity, and multiculturalism. This was co-directed by the philosopher Roger Scruton and was published in Dutch as The Assault on the Nation-State. An English translation was also published, called The Significance of Borders.

Published works


Conservatieve Vooruitgang. De grootste denkers van de 20ste eeuw. (Conservative progress. The greatest thinkers of the 20th century) Ed. with Michiel Visser (Prometheus/Bert Bakker).


Revolutionair Verval en de conservatieve vooruitgang in de 18de en 19de eeuw (Revolutionary decline and conservative progress in the 18th and 19th centuries). Ed. with Michiel Visser (Prometheus/ Bert Bakker).


The Significance of Borders. Why representative government and the rule of law require nation-states (Brill Academic Publishers)

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Pro Europa dus tegen de EU (Pro Europe therefore against the EU) (Elsevier)


De aanval op de natiestaat (The attack on the nation state) (Prometheus/Bert Bakker)


Oikofobie. De angst voor het eigene (Oikophobia. The fear of home) (Prometheus/Bert Bakker)

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Thuis in de Tijd (At home in time) Ed. with Geert Mak (Prometheus/Bert Bakker).

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Van Bach tot Bernstein. Klassieke muziek voor iedereen (From Bach to Bernstein. Classical music for everyone). With Arie Boomsma.


Voorwaardelijke liefde (Conditional love. Novel.) Amsterdam: Prometheus/Bert Bakker.


Breek het partijkartel! De noodzaak van referenda (Break the Partycartel. The necessity of referendums.) Amsterdam: Prometheus/Bert Bakker


Van elk waarheen bevrijd (Delivered from all whereto. Novel.) Amsterdam: Prometheus/Bert Bakker


De ravage van tien jaar Rutte (The havoc of ten years Rutte) Amsterdam: Amsterdam Books


Politiek van het gezond verstand (Politics of common sense) Amsterdam: Amsterdam Books


Het coronabedrog. Hoe de Great Reset wordt uitgerold via een kletsverhaal over volksgezondheid (The Corona Deception)